Saturday, April 01, 2006

last night my little brother paid a buck to see yr underwear

well, as of today i only have one month of university left..this would be a good thing had i not left everything to the last minute, resulting in a stupid amount of work to cram in over easter..assome..

..i also think i'm going to miss university..i'm even going to miss getting the bus to the other side of oxford for lectures in the middle of nowhere..harcourt hill, i shall always remember you and your dull yet reassuring architecture..sigh..

on a lighter note, i had an eventful weekend watching mogwai on saturday night, and bearsuit on sunday..mogwai were good, although i was somewhat disappointed that my ears didn't seep fluid like they did last time i saw them..they finished with an awesome rendition of 'my father my king', which was only marred (as the rest of the gig had been) by the stupidly bright lighting onstage..i mean, i know that these lighting people want to make it look impressive, but don't you think it kind of defeats the purpose if you can't even look directly at the stage without wanting to sneeze it's so bright? goddammit..

bearsuit had no such problems - this gig was like going through a time portal back to a twee indiepop gig circa 1996..a bucket of lollies on the door, cardigans a-plenty, and a band that looked and sounded like they were having the time of their be young again..


Blogger Steven said...

university sucks... you'll be better off when its all over.

i toyed with leaving a comment saying that 'i'd pay a buck to see your underwear' but thought better of it. but then said it anyway. damn it...

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