Friday, June 23, 2006

forgive me simon, for i have sinned..

last night i dreamt that there was going to be a final episode of spaced..while this may seem like it was shaping up to be the most awesome dream ever, it quickly turned into a nightmare..

for some reason i was playing a key role in this episode (i think i was playing the part of brian, worringly enough), and it was being broadcast live..and i realised about 5 minutes before we started shooting that i hadn't even read the script..arg! so i casually sauntered over to simon pegg (who seemed to have taken on a dual role of actor and director - lord knows where edgar wright was) and asked him if he had a spare copy of the script..then casually sauntered off into a dark corner to try and read it and learn it..and then there was just a panicked sequence of me not even being able to locate my first line, let alone learn the whole (hour long) episode..

i woke up with 5 seconds to go as i was contemplating throwing myself out of the window..and i still feel incredibly guilty for wrecking the final episode of spaced..


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