Monday, June 29, 2009

conference rundown..


* having to evacuate during the wine reception due to a fire alarm..20 minutes of standing outside in the rain..
* calling a paramedic for a delegate who had collapsed..
* realising half an hour before lunch at 12 on sunday that we had booked the caterers for 1pm..
* the 40 minutes of panic when it looked as if dj shaz (the dj for our 'historical karaoke') wasn't going to show..
* the distinct lack of sleep..
* the pub in which we were having the karaoke running out of red wine before i got a chance to buy any..
* having to drink disgusting pink wine instead..
* schmark deserting me..
* missing 2 roddick matches..


* all the keynotes, but especially deborah cartmell's address on adaptations of jane austen, and kate mosse's very engaging talk..
* the few panels i managed to get to being really interesting, and hanging together really well = yey for me as programme editor..
* not having to worry about the little things thanks to our fantastic conference assistants..
* all the nice things the delegates said to us, especially the lady who told me it was "the best conference she'd ever been to"..
* getting more drunk than i meant to on sunday evening..
* managing to avoid a hangover all the way through..
* surviving it..


Blogger Catalogue25 said...

I'm glad you survived too. And I'm super proud! (And hopefully not in a patronising way at all, but a way that is full of admiration and much delight).

1:39 PM  
Blogger 262_soozie_q said...

schmemalicious dude!

4:31 PM  

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