Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and then she burst into flame..

i am hot hot hot and bored bored bored..whoever invented the summer was a massive idiot, and if i ever get to meet them i'm going to kick them in the nuts (because of course they would have nuts, because a woman wouldn't be so stupid..)

however, there is now a lovely new air conditioning machine in the office..it is so nice and clever and pretty, i am going to marry it i think.

so at least the hotness is sorted out somewhat (although only if i stay in the office for the rest of my life)....the boredness has been somewhat eradicated by visiting sites like this (mmm, look at those beards..), and this....here is my house:

nice, is it not? apparently it means that i "..have a strong personality and...like to command, influence and control people", and am also, at the same time "..shy and reserved." is this not a contradiction in terms? i think it is, to a large extent..although i suppose i could concede that, while i consider myself to be a shy and retiring wallflower who wouldn't say boo to a goose (well really, who would?), others might see me as a bossy know-it-all pain in the neck..

so i guess it's not that much of a contradiction.


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