Thursday, July 27, 2006

don't forget your heatbegone booties..

things i have discovered today..

..m&m's don't taste as good as they used to..they're making me feel a bit sick.

..i can wear hot pink lipstick without everyone weeing themselves laughing, like i had previously imagined..

..i am rubbish when it comes to people's birthdays - sorry in advance jenny for your lack of present..can't believe i left it to the last minute again, before realising that i have run out of money. and after you made me that awesome t-shirt and jumper combo for my birthday (really, it was awesome..the t-shirt was yellow with a butterfly/graph paper design, and the jumper was black with three butterflies fluttering up to the shoulder..). take heart in the fact that, even though, hog has been waiting for about nine months for his birthday present, he will receive it this weekend before he jets off to, really, i promise. gah. determination to wear all black has resulted in an unpleasant amount of stickiness, yet still i persevere.

..i am definitely moving to newcastle, having just received an unconditional offer for the MA i want to do up there. feel a bit sick from excitement/fear. on second thought, that's probably the m&m's.


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