Tuesday, January 22, 2008

weather news..

it's very cold today and my hands are freezing, but that's probably because yesterday..it snowed! that's right people, get yr jealousy on, because we had real live snow..

..it wasn't quite as good as it could have been, though, seeing as it didn't settle because it had already been raining for ages..but it was really properly snowing, with huge massive snowflakes..i tried to take some pictures on my walk home..the first one wasn't so good, although you can still see a few snowflakes around the bottom..

hmm..it didn't really convey the impressiveness of the real snow..so a few minutes later, when i got into the park, i fiddled with the settings on my camera and tried again..

yeh! look at those snowflakes! they're massive! it was super cold, and my converse were soaked through, but it was all ok because snow is so much more exciting than rain..here's another picture taken a little bit later on..
lovely lovely snow..it did get a bit tiresome later on when i had to go out again and it had turned into sleet with a horrible wind..yuk..and now it's very cold, so i'm not going to leave the house all day..maybe i won't even leave the house tomorrow..it's ok, i'm sufficiently stocked up on biscuits (chocolate digestives, chocolate chip cookies, and a few oreos), tea and toast..mm..biscuits on toast..


Blogger han said...

mmm...biscuits on toast...IN A SANDWICH! served on a bed of mash! mmmmnnnnnn

snow is god's frozen tears. you must have made him unhappy, which is why I'm not jealous

5:47 PM  
Blogger stevie said...

i've been in scotland all week and it snowed lots. i don't know how you northerners and scots cope. it made eugene and i miserable as fuck. waking up in a travelodge on the side of the motorway outside aberdeen/edinburgh/glasgow is bad enough... add having to drive through a snow storm to the airport to the equation (sp?) and you're pushing me over the edge.

basically i am not jealous either.

endersbyyy x

8:45 AM  
Blogger lex said...

I think you'll find that what you have taken pictures of would be better described as sleet.

4:01 PM  

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