Tuesday, October 09, 2007

excuses for not posting more often..

1. moving house..
..well, 3 weeks ago..i no longer live in jesmond, home of the richest and most obnoxious students in the land (the north east at least)..instead i have relocated to heaton, and i have only seen said student type on my weekly visits to morrisons..and even then there aren't many of them, and the shop is big enough for me to avoid them almost entirely..unlike the tiny overpriced hellhole that is jesmond tesco metro, in which a great many of these students were lucky to escape with their lives from the encounters i had with them....anyway, heaton is quieter, has a better bus service, has better places to drink tea, is nearer to the cumberland arms and the rest of the ouseburn valley..it's just better all round, really..

2. trying to sort out my life..
..mainly, trying to get funding for my PhD, registering onto the PhD programme, going to all the induction meetings, freaking out that i don't really know what i'm doing, etc etc etc..

3. having visitors..
..steve came up the other week, and we had a lovely time..we went to see foals on the tuesday, and then this aint vegas on the wednesday [because, as steve so rightly pointed out, no trip up north is complete without a this aint vegas gig]..it was all very good. paul and axl are coming to see me on thursday, which is going to be totally awesome..i feel quite spoilt..

4. being a bit lazy..
..yeh, ok ok, so i haven't been totally rushed off my feet these last few weeks, but i've been having a bit of a break..i think i'm allowed that, bummers..i don't know why i'm sounding so resentful, by the way, it's not like anyone has complained about my lack of posts..in fact, i doubt anyone's even noticed..but to hell with it, i feel like having a strop so i shall..bah..


Blogger Le_Gore said...

Iv noticed! good to have you back in the game Ms Short!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Mr Axl said...

I noticed aswell, but didn't bother complaining coz I knew that:
a) I was gonna come and see you
b) It wouldn't have made a difference anyway would it now.

Once again, have a wicked time in Paris xx

11:46 AM  

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