Monday, June 18, 2007

work schmork..

back in newcastle after two glorious weeks in oxford..went to two wedding thingummys of two pairs of my very bestest friends..the first one, rob and rhyannon's, was the best day the star has ever seen..they invited all their friends and we all sat in the star garden, while matt barbequed delicious food, and there were awesome cupcakes made by him and han..yum!

i got to be a bridesmaid at the second one, which was very very fun, as i'd never done it before. i was quite nervous, and nearly threw up in the taxi there, but once we got there it was lovely..i even cried a little bit..who knew i was such a wet blanket? then we ate lots of food, dranks lots of booze, and generally had a lovely time..and i then quite unexpectedly caught the bouquet at the end..erp..

while i was in oxford i also:

* had a lovely evening round at hannah's house drinking pink wine, getting my hair cut, eating pizza and watching fry & laurie..
* had the pleasure of dining with pc..
* went to the star a lot..
* enjoyed hannah and russ's gig at the jericho with their new band the vatican cellars who were very good indeed..
* got quite a bit too hot on a number of occasions..
* had a really posh afternoon tea with my grandparents and my mum, which i liked very much..

but now i'm back here, and have so much to do, so much to do..mainly i have so much reading to do, and yet there's a billion and one other things i can think of right now that i could do before get some food for a start, and clean the toilet, and upload photos onto flickr, and eat some food, and drink some more tea, and watch all the extras on my new 'hot fuzz' dvd, and mooch about a much to do, so little time..


Blogger Mr Axl said...

Come on. We all know you're a wet blanket. You soppy cow.

5:52 PM  

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