Monday, February 26, 2007

jewellry grief..

i lost my know, my awesome tape measure ring..i don't know how or where i lost it - i just got home and was washing my hands when i realised it wasn't on my finger anymore..and now i feel slightly a bit of me is missing..i've tried replacing it with other rings, but it's not working - none of them fit quite right, and they're all different weights and sizes..none of them fit so snugly and was such a pretty ring - it inspired my choice of bedding - look....

it also inspired hannah to get me a tape measure belt fot my birthday..i was getting a whole tape measure theme going..but now that the thing that originated it all is gone, it all feels a bit wierd..meh..the only thing for it is to get another one..but maybe it won't quite be the same? and i'll have to wait ages for it to be made..and it's expensive..but i can't not have it - i miss it too much and it's only been gone a day..le sigh..


Blogger Le_Gore said...

If it fitted so snugly & well, it shouldn't of fell off?
i bet it turns up...think iv lost my ring about 37 times & it always turns up.

12:29 AM  

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