Friday, November 10, 2006

folkie folk folk..

so today, exactly a month away from my 25th birthday, i got id'd in tesco for a bottle of wine..and she wouldn't let me have it..i'm starting to think that perhaps i should, at this stage, stop being flattered, and start worrying that maybe i am dressing like a 17 year old..

in other news, i am currently knee deep in marxist/socialist political theory and an essay on the search for happiness in 3 novels of the 1920s..whoop. despite my best efforts to stay in the house, chained to my books, i have been lured out by cunning fiends (yes, i meant fiends..) to several gigs, pubs, and last night, a folk night. yes, you heard me james currie..i went to a folk night. aren't you proud of me, you massive bummer?

am also absolutely distraught after reading that han's bike has been stolen..i actually cried at the end of her moving eulogy, and if you had known her and her bike together, you would too..


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