Monday, October 09, 2006

alreet and that..

so, here i am in newcastle..sorry to everyone who's been hassling me for taking so long to post, but the stupid internet hasn't been working and at the moment i am stealing wireless..hee hee heee.

anyway, all is well here in the north..if a little cold. am currently recovering after a stupid weekend that involved too much alcohol, too much work, not enough food and not enough sleep..bah. course is going ok, if a little stressful - should really be writing a 600 word definition of 'modernism' at the moment, but it's a lot more difficult than it sounds, and i'm now stuck on word number 423..

here is a picture of a lovely window on the landing in our house:

nice, yes? well, i like it..also here are two of my housemates, hannah and nicola - they are very lovely:

that's nicola on the left and hannah on the right..this was just after seeing field music at the cluny the other can see it got them quite loved up.

not much else to report really..have been walking into uni and work, eating relatively healthily [no microwave!], and drinking far too much wine for my poor stomach to contend with, i think.

more soon, i promise.


Blogger Mr Axl said...

Hannah and Nicola should les up.

12:25 PM  

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