Tuesday, August 08, 2006

je suis seulement une pauvre cassette, et je n'avais pas les pantalons

check me out - i'm blogging in france! not particularly exciting, i know, but it' no mean feat finding your way around these french keyboards, i can tell you - they're insane! on holiday at the moment, in centre parcs in normandie..all very nice, with plenty of badmington, tennis and cycling being enjoyed. tomorrow i'm off to paris for some hardcore make-up shopping..

in other news, i had a pretty good dream last night, in which i found myself married to dylan moran..sigh..it was wonderful..

au révoir mes petits choufleurs..


Blogger Steven said...

according to an online translator the title of this post reads "I am only a poor cassette, and I had not the pants", but i fear that may not be entirely accurate?


5:51 PM  

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