Tuesday, August 15, 2006


erk..still not feeling well, so have stayed home from work in an attempt to get rid of this wierd face-ache + sicky thing i seem to have contracted (at least it can't be mumps....can it?)..

am yet more grumpified and saddened by the news that lee of the wonderful nice but wrong has decided to curtail his blogging exploits at the end of the month..my days will be a lot duller without the hilarity that this wonderful blog provides me with..sigh.

in happier news, however, i discovered (better late than never) that the beautiful adam & joe have made podcasts of their xfm show..not being a resident of london, i had never heard their radio show..i was even (shame on me) unaware that they had one. but i spent last night downloading all fourteen episodes and then giggling uncontrollably as i lay on my bed and listened to the first four (i feel i must save the rest for later, like lovely sweets or bottles of lucozade..). i particularly enjoyed their improvised music - joe is a magnificent slide-whistler. go and discover for yourselves! now!


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