Thursday, September 07, 2006


despite the fact that i am presently recovering from a nasty bout of 'flu that attacked me over the weekend, i am not wan, and neither am i pale or hear that han?? just because i get ill a little bit more than most doesn't mean that i take to my bed under a veil of chintz wearing a bonnet, as you so wrongly assume. i have no bonnet or chintz to make my bedridden days more bearable..damn you.

am hoping that i will not phlegm and snot and cough my way through my graduation ceremony, which i will be attending tomorrow..i also hope that the horrible peely-nose-from-wiping-it-too-much-syndrome will have cleared up by then, so that i don't look even more freakish than necessary in the photos..urrgh..horrid, horrid photos..there's already enough of them from my school career littered around my parent's house, with me literally, literally looking like some kind of swamp monster..all greasy hair and shiny shiny skin..lots of powder tomorrow, i think. and no smiling, if i can get away with it.


Blogger han said...

that's not what i heard. word is that you're the wannest wanner that ever wanned. wanny.

7:59 PM  

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