Friday, October 20, 2006


it's raining a lot, and very am i expected to go to tesco's in this weather? how? i would get veritably soaked. muh.

the gig, at the egypt cottage, was awwesome..paper cut out rocked hard, milky wimpshake made me bounce up and down on my seat with glee, this aint vegas were just amazing as per usual, and bilge pump finished the evening off very nicely is a (very grainy and a bit rubbish) picture of birthday boy pete dale rocking out to bilge pump on an amp at the side of the stage..

was going to go to all saints church to see peter brewis of field music doing some solo stuff last night, but would have had to go on my own, and wasn't entirely sure how to get i thought it better to have some fun with my new coursefriends instead..and it was a lot of fun..partly aided by the fact that, in the bar we went to, wine is £1.70 a glass..somewhat dangerous, non?

and now, another fun-filled weekend of hmv and hangovers lies ahead of me..


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