Wednesday, October 18, 2006


something wrong with blogger has been naughty and not letting me on..

bad wine head this morning..bad bad bad. but i successfully remedied it with 2 nurofen, lots of water, 3 episdoes of 'sex & the city', and 'the red thread' by arab i feel all better.

ever so excited, as tonight i am going to see milky wimpshake, this aint vegas, paper cut out and blige pump..all at the same gig! honestly..milky wimpshake and this aint vegas.. and it's all happening to celebrate pete dale's birthday, who is one of my all-time heroes as the co-founder of slampt records, and member of milky wimpshake, avocado baby and red monkey, as well as his excellent solo outings..

so so so excited.


Blogger captain lex said...

hahaha!i just noticed that you've got a football team on your blog even though you hate it!i'm not telling you where it is though.sorry i never called back the other day.miss you.x

12:39 PM  
Blogger han said...

sorry i got cross on the last post, it's because I got outbid on a pencil case that I really wanted and also my computer is broken AGAIN

4:23 AM  

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