Sunday, November 19, 2006

my week, by me:

monday - hosted my very first dinner party..managed to cook sausages and mash for five of us without much mishap..then forced my guests to watch 'america's next top model' (again, sorry guys..but not that sorry..), before getting rather a lot drunk, which lead to..
tuesday - lots of feeling ill in university..
wednesday - lots of feeling ill at home..
thursday - paul and lex came up..took them to the head of steam..had a lovely time..stayed up til 6.30am, which led to..
friday - a bit of feeling ill while showing paul and lex round newcastle..then pizza at home, followed by a trip to the pubs of the ouseburn valley..
saturday - workworkwork, then james was here from london in the evening..took him to the forth and bodega..lots of fun was had..especially when ian and i finally procured the seat..
sunday - workworkwork..aching feet..and now essay hell. joy.


Blogger Steven said...

the head of steam? i hope not for a gig... hope you had a lovely few days of friends visiting.

have you seen my funky new look blog? oh yes! x

4:48 PM  

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