Thursday, February 01, 2007

slip n slide..

since i've been living in this fair city of newcastle, i have noticed that the paving slabs in certain areas of town (grainger street and neville street spring immediately to mind) are particularly slippery after even the slightest bit of first, i thought that my sliding around on them was merely due to the fact that the grip on the soles of my beloved, yet ancient, trainers had been worn down to i got some new ones..and i thought, stupidly, that with my new, extra grippified trainers, i would be safe from the perils of said slippy pavements..alas, not so..this evening, i went out for a few leisurely drinks..and when i say "a few" i mean, not very many at, three..which, as those of you who know me well can vouch, is not very i was pretty much stone cold sober when i ventured down the steps of central station metro, only to for my feet to slip out from under me, and for me to fall, quite heavily, on my behind..i now have a very painful right hip/bum..i'm predicting quite a large bruise in the morning..maybe the size of my face..i'm just so ladylike, you know..


Blogger Mr Axl said...

HA! I remember the days when 3 drinks was your absolute limit! Even then you were cautious of going past the second! How time has changed you Emma-Jane...

2:02 PM  

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