Friday, March 13, 2009

unfortunately, i am still quite a lot rubbish..

left my purse in the postgraduate suite again, i couldn't quite believe it either..this time it wasn't quite as long before i realised - only the time it took to walk all the way to the union and attempt to purchase a cup of tea (which the lady then gave me for free, once again restoring my faith in humanity somewhat - i went and paid her back later, which i think did the same for her), and luckily it was still where i left it when i ran back there..i am worried this is becoming a habit..stay tuned for more exciting purse mislaying updates! what a nail-bitingly thrilling life i lead..look, i either write about the mundane events that intersperse my days, like losing my purse, or i write about the stuff i actually do all day, which believe me, is far less entertaining (hard to believe, i know)..for example, today i have taught a seminar, and will now spend the rest of the day preparing another seminar on postmodernism (a concept which makes me want to throw myself off a bridge, by the's so bleak and depressing)..i may throw a trip to morrisons in there, followed by a clean of the bathroom..see? lost purses don't sound so dull now, do they?

but, all may not be lost, as i have visitors coming! yes, han & matt are presently wending their way up north on the megabus..i am very excited, as this may result in some actual experiences..


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