Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's payday..

so because i was very good last month and hardly left the house at all, and because i had two bank holidays in this month's paypacket, today i went shopping..wooo! i had a lovely time..went and got some necessities from boots, plus some lovely barry m coral nail's delicious. then i went to h&m and lucked out by finding a) some wide legged black trousers that aren't the horrible shiny suit trouser material or linen, but are proper thick cotton - yey, and b) some orange/coral eighties style sunglasses which owlhead said looked cheap and tacky, but i told him that that was the whole point and that they are, in fact, beautiful..

i quickly forgave owlhead for dissing my lovely new shades, however, because then he took me to schuh and said i could spend the £15 that he had left on his christmas gift voucher on a pair of new shoes, and so......

ta daaa! aren't they nice? i'm so pleased with them..i am going to wear them all the time with a smug face..


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