Monday, April 21, 2008

banging..head..brick wall..

yet another advert that makes me scream at the tv..

i particularly like the part about "being considerate in bed"..really? you're not a real man if you're considerate in bed? what a great, really, well done.

it's exactly this kind of lazy gender stereotyping that makes me want to tear my hair much important work has been done, and so much effort has been made to try and change attitudes like the one 'jokingly' conveyed in this advert, that you feel like we've just lost the last 60 years or so..regardless of whether or not this advert is meant to be 'funny', i think it's harmful to present notions of gender like this one to the public at large. indeed, the fact that it is supposedly humourous means that people are more likely to absorb it after laughing at it, instead of questioning it....all of the men i know have interests that extend way beyond 'sport, girls and funny stuff', and i personally don't think that this compromises their masculinity in any way.


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