Thursday, February 07, 2008

internet envy..

i'm supposed to be doing a load of work, but i keep getting distracted by the darn internet..i noticed a new link on han's blog to this page, and yesterday i spent far longer than i should have reading all the archives..then last night i followed the link on there to this page (i initially just went to have a nose around this one, because the girl from the first site had embroiled herself in a bit of an online war with the guy from this site, and i thought i would just go and check out who he was, kos he sounded like a bit of a loser..turns out i really like it..), and the archives there are far far bigger..dammit. plus, axl has just posted a few really amusing blogs, most notably the song entitled 'frogs'..pure genius..

..all of these things have made me wish my blog wasn't quite so lame..i mean, it's ok and all, i guess, but it would be nice if i could draw and/or write amazing songs in the shower..


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