Monday, February 18, 2008


i am not my usual self..i have lost my favourite pencil, and it's causing a full-on major freakout..this isn't just any old's a zebra drafix 0.5mm, which has since been discontinued..and it's not merely the fact that it was the most comfortable piece of writing equipment ever, a pleasure to write with..but this pencil saw me through some tough undergraduate dissertation (all 9 months of it) M.A., with it's own painful dissertation..and it has also seen me through the first 6 months of my Ph.D.'s like an old reliable friend has just upped and left without a word....bum.

to make matters worse, i thought i might calm myself down/cheer myself up by listening to this week's adam & joe show, but totally forgot that they were on holiday this week, and were replaced by alan carr..

..alan carr????? i ask you..


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