Monday, April 06, 2009

stupid germs..

i am ill again with a cold..i'm pretty annoyed, because it's the same cold mark got over a week ago, and i was all proud of myself and my rockhard immune system for having managed to avoid it, but it seems my immune system was merely taunting me..or maybe it's not as rockhard as i thought it was. either way, disappointing. now i'm going to have to spend the next few days feeling sorry for myself and watching my new dvds (series one of 'the cosby show', series 1 & 2 of eighties classic 'moonlighting', and 'the piano' [for school], since you asked..)..all i can say is my condition better have improved by the time i get the train back to oxford on wednesday - there's nothing i hate more than spending a train journey trying not to snot all over myself and my fellow passengers, especially when i'm in first class (hurray for dirt cheap advance tickets), and so have to pretend that i am a lady..


Blogger han said...

woooooo! you must come to my house for tea, i will ring you. i demand a mariokart rematch on the N64, THEN WE'LL SEE, yes

7:59 AM  
Blogger rob said...

See me after class.
I would also like to whoop you at mariokart. N64 of course, the only true mariokart.

Except for he snes. but no-ones got one of them

7:02 PM  

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