Sunday, September 13, 2009


i made a pizza from scratch the other night, using hugh fearnley-whittingstall's recipe in the guardian t'other, i normally trust hugh implicitly, having followed a good few of his delicious recipes in the past to great success (my favourite's probably the spicy bean stew w/ sausages..brilliant in winter)..

..however, my trust was somewhat shaken when the pizza dough recipe he suggested produced nothing more than a sticky, glutinous mess, which was only saved by the arrival of a friend of mark's, who has plenty of pizza making experience and just added a shedload of flour..i probably would have worked it out on my own eventually, but more likely i would have just thrown it in the bin and opted for beans on toast..i shouldn't be too harsh on hugh, though - after all, it wasn't really his dough recipe, just one of his mates'..another saving grace was his guide to making roasted tomato pizza all worked out ok in the end:

the following night i baked my first cookies..oatmeal..and they were freaking sweet:

i did make more than this, but they were so assome that they were almost all gone before i had the chance to record them for posterity..


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