Friday, May 19, 2006

does barry manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

so so excited - sleater kinney are playing in oxford tonight..i've been waiting for this for months! the office i'm working in is right opposite the venue, and i nearly fell out of the window earlier when they turned up and carrie and janet walked right past..feel a little bit like i might be sick..

..have dilemma,'s very windy outside, and skirt i am planning on wearing is very susceptible to being i risk it? don't really want to wear these skanky old trousers..need something i can boogie in..will just have to walk with my arms flattened to my sides..

Monday, May 15, 2006

would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? it's bad for your complexion..

have had a busy week yes i all started last wednesday when i went all the way to london to have my photo was to help jess out with her portrait photography course that she's doing, and she told me that it would only be her taking pictured of me, so i reluctantly agreed, even though i hate hate hate having my picture taken..well, when i got there, all hot and sticky from 3 hours on the oxford tube and half an hour on a cramped up bus, there were at least ten photography students there, demanding i get underneath some kind of scary umbrella-light photo set-up thing so they can start snapping hour and a half later, the only reason i didn't strangle jess was kos she bought me some expensive wine in a nice bar in soho [i think i might still have to get her back in some way, though]..i'm still waiting to see the results of the experience..will let you know when i do..

..then on saturday i went to james' birthday party in new cross [those who know me will be very stunned/impressed that i managed to go to london twice in one week] and had a very lovely time..i got to see paul for the first time since truck in july last year, and this time i was able to have a proper chat with him..felt a bit bad for my lame-o birthday present to james (a mix cd), but i was muchly skint..will try and get him something better when i come into some money..

..and then on monday i started my new job, working for my dad part-time..just photocopying and doing bits and bobs, but it's nice, and now that i have spent the last of my last ever student loan, i need to be earning money it meant i had enough money to go and see hot chip on monday night, who were totally rad..

finally, i went to see my friend valeska's private view of her paintings yesterday here, and i highly recommend favourite's the biggest, most expensive one, of course..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

his name is blane? that's a major appliance, that's not a name.

arg..oh my goodness..three days to go and i can't be bothered anymore..only 2,500 words to go and i will be a free woman..someone do it for me? no? oh for crying out loud..i'll do it myself, then..