Wednesday, January 23, 2008

an important lesson for us all..

this is absolutely appalling..a detailed article written by an american man on his disgust at the lack of care we british women take with our appearance, in contrast to our american counterparts. it has, thankfully, been a while since i have encountered such outright misogyny..we women are only there to be looked at, you know, so how dare we fail to keep up with the high standards that this man (and apparently, according to him, all men) expects? we should all, apparently, be spending at least £700 a year on grooming ourselves, maintaining a flawless, hairless, soft and supple warned ladies, the smallest details do not go unnoticed - skimping on hand cream is sure to make this man "recoil" from touching palms that are as "rough and leathery" as "a tree-climbing monkey's"..

however, those american girls are not without fault either. according to tad, american women are obsessed with money, looks (eh? i thought we were supposed to be obsessed with our looks tad?), "take themselves too seriously and are annoyingly confronta-tional" (the word confrontational, by the way, does not need a hyphen). also, according to tad, american girls are just big ol' sluts: "The good news for men, by the way, is they are convinced that the best way to prove they are equal to a man is by sleeping with him. Um . . . Go ahead, that’ll teach me. "

it's difficult to figure out exactly what tad wants from a seems he wants us to spend vast amounts of money and time on our looks, but then never talk about it. he wants us to provide him with good conversation, but not to take ourselves seriously. on top of all this, sex is a big no-no..apparently....

there's also a nice dollop of racism in the article when he refers to a failed attempt to engage his manicurist in conversation, an attempt which backfired "mainly... because my Cantonese is poor."

one of the many irritating things about this all-round odious article is the insinuation that all men have such outdated and sexist views. i don't know about you, but i find this insulting on behalf of my many, many male friends, including the lovely owlhead, who regard women as fellow human beings, and not mere decorative objects.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i just heard the track 'pink squares' by i was a cub scout on adam & it just me, or do they sound exactly like death cab for cutie?

weather news..

it's very cold today and my hands are freezing, but that's probably because snowed! that's right people, get yr jealousy on, because we had real live snow.. wasn't quite as good as it could have been, though, seeing as it didn't settle because it had already been raining for ages..but it was really properly snowing, with huge massive snowflakes..i tried to take some pictures on my walk home..the first one wasn't so good, although you can still see a few snowflakes around the bottom.. didn't really convey the impressiveness of the real a few minutes later, when i got into the park, i fiddled with the settings on my camera and tried again..

yeh! look at those snowflakes! they're massive! it was super cold, and my converse were soaked through, but it was all ok because snow is so much more exciting than's another picture taken a little bit later on..
lovely lovely did get a bit tiresome later on when i had to go out again and it had turned into sleet with a horrible wind..yuk..and now it's very cold, so i'm not going to leave the house all day..maybe i won't even leave the house's ok, i'm sufficiently stocked up on biscuits (chocolate digestives, chocolate chip cookies, and a few oreos), tea and on toast..