Monday, December 18, 2006

i'm wide awake it's morning..[sorry..]

check me's 11 in the a.m. and i've already been up for 4hrs and 15 far today i've: been on two metros, walked around a bit, gone to tescos (at 7.45am..who knew it was even open??), cleaned the kitchen, had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, watched some crap telly, put some washing on, tidied the living room, had a bath, got dressed, and downloaded some music..phew. i am on fire today..the wonders of staying round at yr friend's house when they have to be at work for 7.30..

..still haven't got round to doing any of the huge mountain of coursework yet, but that's beside the point.

am going back to oxford on saturday, but until then i have been left on my lonesome by my housemates. boo. boo to them. it's ok, though, i am being babysat..later on, ian and alex will come round, and i will ply them with baked potatoes, before forcing them to watch the final of 'america's next top model' with me [it's ever so exciting..i want joanie to win..although i don't mind too much, as long as it's not jade..]..mwah ha ha.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

oh dear..

i have just returned from entertaining a bored and ill hannah in her room..this entertaining consisted of me falling backwards off the end of her bed, and getting myself wedged between her bed and bookcase, with my legs in the air..i actually thought i was never going to stop laughing and would therefore be stuck there for all eternity..i then tormented her (she has a temperature and is a bit delirious) by insisting that her duvet was a text until she almost cried..ha ha haaa..

thought you'd all like to share in my retardedness..take it as a christmas gift to you all..

geek schmeek..

i know there are better things i could be doing with my time than making a list of my top ten albums of 2006, and generally i would be against this kind of geekery..but i find myself a) inspired by steve's post on the subject, and b) not particularly wanting to read yet another d.h.lawrence here i go..

1. thom yorke - 'the eraser'
2. sufjan stevens - 'the avalanche'
3. cat power - 'the greatest'
4. joanna newsom - 'ys'
5. beirut - 'gulag orkestar'
6. stereolab - 'fab four suture'
7. sonic youth - 'rather ripped'
8. fionn regan - 'the end of history'
9. futureheads - 'news and tributes'
10. the knife - 'silent shout'

close contenders included: the young knives, pete dale & the beta males, css, midlake and the organ..and my most looked forward to albums/releases of next year are (in no particular order): radiohead (if it happens next year, which it had better, quite frankly), field music, this aint vegas, foals, youthmovies and futureheads (maybe again..).

had an evening filled with lovely men last night, as ian had very kindly recorded jools holland featuring thom yorke, and jonathan ross featuring dylan moran and elijah wood (he really is ever so pretty..) for me. i had a lovely time swooning in the direction of the only complaint would be that thom yorke played but one song on jools holland, whereas the satanic spawn that is the red hot chili peppers played three..jools holland, what the hell are you playing at? you suck..

and, just as a reminder for those of you who don't have the date etched into the insides of your eyelids, it is my birthday on sunday. don't forget.

Friday, December 01, 2006

lovely drunken foul-mouthed scotsmen..

arab strap, oh arab strap, how i have loved you. your foul-mouthed, drunken ramblings and gentle melodies have made many a dull dayshift in the star seem like an enchanted, long-forgotten afternoon, and have soothed away many a hangover..your set last night was wonderful. i liked it that you played 'the first big weekend', even if aidan moffat sounds about 50 years older than the fresh-voiced boy on the recording..that just made it all the better. you also played my favourite song of yours ever..i would have enjoyed that all the more had it not been for the morons behind me talking all the way through it. (dear morons, why did you stand there and talk loudly about how good the sound is, and how nice the acoustic guitar sounds? if i couldn't hear over your booming, ape-like voices, then i don't see how you could have. how about just shutting up? if you ever do that again i will have no choice but to punch you in the face and kick you in the nuts. i promise.) anyway, i am sad that you are gone, arab strap..