Friday, August 07, 2009

RIP john hughes..

Monday, August 03, 2009


..found her today in an otherwise uneventful trip to morrisons..

edit: lex told me earlier this evening that he doesn't like the name mildred..well, he can bum off..for one - it's my plant, not his, and for two, i named her mildred after the worst witch herself..i read the books when i was little, but i have to say i preferred the film (but not the later tv series), part one of which is here for your enjoyment (and it looks like you can watch the entire film on's worth it, i promise..tim curry as 'big daddy wiz'):

i love 'the worst witch' so much i dressed up as mildred to my friend's birthday party many moons ago:

..i also realised that i hadn't yet named my ivy plant which i bought a couple of months ago, and she was the only one without a i named her maud, in honour of mildred's best friend in said book/film..take that, lex!