Friday, October 30, 2009

if we have it, they will come..

we're having our annual halloween party tomorrow..always fun, but i can barely contain my excitement this year as my housemates have allowed me to create my very own daisy-steiner-party-room..i've made a glitterball out of tinfoil:

..and i've covered a whole load of other things in tinfoil as well, like this phone:

plus i've made some tinfoil stars, which i think really complete the look:

(more pictures here)

i myself will be dressing up as daisy tomorrow night..i'm a bit worried about the authenticity of my hair, as it's far too long (any suggestions are welcome, except for cutting it off)..and i have also compiled a playlist, consisting primarily of prefab sprout, spandau ballet, huey lewis and the news, and, of course, the 'timewarp'..

..this is going to be the best party ever..