Sunday, July 26, 2009


i know i've already posted about kate beaton's 'hark! a vagrant' comic before, and i hate to come across like a crazy obsessed fan and all, but her latest installment is possibly my favourite yet (for obvious reasons)..go look at it..

..unfortunately her link to sally bloodbath's awesome comic journal has provided me with yet more distraction..i'll never finish this chapter now....

Thursday, July 23, 2009


no blog posts for a while because my days generally look like this:

which isn't very interesting for anyone, not even me..

however, some good things have happened..
1. lex has moved in next door to me and changed life up here for the better..
2. been trying to take him on outings, the best of which was the ouseburn festival last weekend..saw b>e>a>k and drank too much booze on the saturday night..then on sunday we wandered over to the craft market at the star and shadow to see stacy at her stall, then moseyed on down the hill where i bought this:

his name is damo, after damo suzuki, because he is from japan..we finished the trip off with a drink outside the cumberland the sun!
3. also went with lex, schmark and schmoph to see 'moon' at the tyneside..really good..

other than that, though, i have mostly been spending a lot of time in a small concrete bunker in the library..hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly, but i wouldn't count on it..