Friday, March 23, 2007

adventurous bell-ringers..

so yesterday, i was walking past the civic centre, when the bells in the tower started ringing..this was strange for two reasons..1. i didn't even realise the civic centre tower had bells in it, and 2. the bells were playing 'local hero' by dire straits....

..none of the other people making their way about their daily business seemed to notice this, however, which made me wonder if i was just going insane....

Monday, March 12, 2007

poodle schmoodle..

i was determined to make good use of my weekend off work, and i think i was successful..on saturday i ate sausages and bacon and scrambled egg and toast, and mooched around on the sofa, reading the paper and watching 'journey to the centre of the earth' (aah, james mason..)..

then yesterday we went for a lovely walk in jesmond dene, which is something i've been meaning to do since i moved here, but hadn't got round to as's ever so pretty..found the old mill, which i thought was quite exciting..

there was also a ruined chapel, lots of kool old briges, quite an impressive waterfall, and a scary tunnel..but perhaps best of all is the tiny pet cemetary, best only because of this:

who knew i was named after a poodle?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i am bad for plants..

hannah was visiting me in my room the other night, and suddenly exclaimed "oh no! what's happened to yr plants?" to which i replied, "nothing - they're perfectly happy as far as i can tell.." however, she then went on to inform me that this was, in fact, not the case, and that plants shouldn't look like this:

..i thought it was just having a lovely time chasing after the light..which, of course, it was..but apparently y're supposed to turn plants round every so often, so that they don't stretch over too far..otherwise they might fall over, hannah said..

..i think i must be very naive when it comes to botany..

in other exciting news, check out the new foals video - it's awesome!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

slightly less grief-stricken..

so i found a lovely new ring, one which sort of makes up a tiny bit for the fact that i lost my beloved tape measure's very pretty indeed, see?

i am, however, still quite sad about the loss of the old one..but this will do until i find sufficient funds to order a new one..

in other news, i have been mostly grouchy today..i think this was due to several factors:

1. i really did not want to get out of bed this morning, after staying up into the early hours doing the reading for today's seminar..but i therefore had to get up, because otherwise, well, what would've been the point of me doing the stupid reading in the first place?

2. i left the house all bundled up, with many, many layers on in my usual attempt to combat the cold weather, only to find that newcastle had decided, for the first time ever, to be nice and warm, which ended up in me being quite sweaty by the time i got to uni, and having a bit of a thrombo..

3. tesco did it's usual trick of exacerbating my bad mood to the point where i almost kill someone. today it was the idiot who somehow managed, despite being quite small and slender, to stand in the way of the entire cheese section, for what seemed like an eternity..

4. when i eventually made it back home, i burnt myself on a bagel.