Thursday, July 27, 2006

don't forget your heatbegone booties..

things i have discovered today..

..m&m's don't taste as good as they used to..they're making me feel a bit sick.

..i can wear hot pink lipstick without everyone weeing themselves laughing, like i had previously imagined..

..i am rubbish when it comes to people's birthdays - sorry in advance jenny for your lack of present..can't believe i left it to the last minute again, before realising that i have run out of money. and after you made me that awesome t-shirt and jumper combo for my birthday (really, it was awesome..the t-shirt was yellow with a butterfly/graph paper design, and the jumper was black with three butterflies fluttering up to the shoulder..). take heart in the fact that, even though, hog has been waiting for about nine months for his birthday present, he will receive it this weekend before he jets off to, really, i promise. gah. determination to wear all black has resulted in an unpleasant amount of stickiness, yet still i persevere.

..i am definitely moving to newcastle, having just received an unconditional offer for the MA i want to do up there. feel a bit sick from excitement/fear. on second thought, that's probably the m&m's.

Friday, July 21, 2006

fizzy good make feel nice..

after a busy morning of slaying tourists with my mighty javelin, my eyelids are heavy and my mouth increasingly gapes in the occupation of yawning. the only remedy to such a dire situation is this:

look at it..look how good it i love you, wonderful delicious lucozade, how i love your sweet sweet taste of awakeness that cures all ills (especially those ills caused by nasty, dirty booze..), and the sugar high that is to be gained from downing two or more bottles..

if i could only drink one thing for the rest of my life, this would surely be it (with vodka added to it for parties and special occasions like the evening).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and then she burst into flame..

i am hot hot hot and bored bored bored..whoever invented the summer was a massive idiot, and if i ever get to meet them i'm going to kick them in the nuts (because of course they would have nuts, because a woman wouldn't be so stupid..)

however, there is now a lovely new air conditioning machine in the is so nice and clever and pretty, i am going to marry it i think.

so at least the hotness is sorted out somewhat (although only if i stay in the office for the rest of my life)....the boredness has been somewhat eradicated by visiting sites like this (mmm, look at those beards..), and is my house:

nice, is it not? apparently it means that i "..have a strong personality to command, influence and control people", and am also, at the same time "..shy and reserved." is this not a contradiction in terms? i think it is, to a large extent..although i suppose i could concede that, while i consider myself to be a shy and retiring wallflower who wouldn't say boo to a goose (well really, who would?), others might see me as a bossy know-it-all pain in the neck..

so i guess it's not that much of a contradiction.