Wednesday, September 20, 2006

au revoir..

well, off i go..this time tomorrow i will be in lovely cold newcastle. it's all a bit surreal, really. my wonderful friends got me a shiny new digital camera, so expect lots of annoying photos of my somewhat boring exploits over the next year. you lucky people.

goodbye oxford. it's been lovely.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


so, i called time at the bar and then burst into tears..what a spaz....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

end of an era..

my six year stint of working in the same, wonderful pub is quickly coming to an end. last night was my last indie nite..i had to say goodbye to the baby i created three (?) years ago..what am i going to do on wednesday nights now? i'm pretty sure it will involve sitting in my room, all alone, listening to indie nite playlists..i'll have to spill some beer on the floor etc. to create genuine pub smell, though, or it just won't be authentic..

my last shift is on saturday. you know i'm gonna bawl my eyes out. sob.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


despite the fact that i am presently recovering from a nasty bout of 'flu that attacked me over the weekend, i am not wan, and neither am i pale or hear that han?? just because i get ill a little bit more than most doesn't mean that i take to my bed under a veil of chintz wearing a bonnet, as you so wrongly assume. i have no bonnet or chintz to make my bedridden days more bearable..damn you.

am hoping that i will not phlegm and snot and cough my way through my graduation ceremony, which i will be attending tomorrow..i also hope that the horrible peely-nose-from-wiping-it-too-much-syndrome will have cleared up by then, so that i don't look even more freakish than necessary in the photos..urrgh..horrid, horrid photos..there's already enough of them from my school career littered around my parent's house, with me literally, literally looking like some kind of swamp monster..all greasy hair and shiny shiny skin..lots of powder tomorrow, i think. and no smiling, if i can get away with it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

squished kidney..

my somewhat prolonged absence (for those of you who were wondering, because i know you are many..) has been the result of some frantic househunting up north..happily i was very successful, and now have a nice nice house with a nice nice room and four nice nice girls.

i am, however, more than a bit teed off today (is that how you spell teed? tead? tee'd? tiiid?) as i discovered that, being the only part time student in a house full of full time students, would mean that i was liable for the entire council tax on the house, and not just a fraction as i had previously, i know this may have been a bit naive of me, thinking that the government might give those who are studying part time in order to be able to afford to live and do the course a bit of a break..but there you go. the outcome of all this is that i have had to swap to a full time MA, because i can't pay the whole council tax for the house on top of everything else..


plus, these high waisted trousers, while be very nice to look at, are squishing all my insides together and making my kidneys hurt.