Monday, February 26, 2007

jewellry grief..

i lost my know, my awesome tape measure ring..i don't know how or where i lost it - i just got home and was washing my hands when i realised it wasn't on my finger anymore..and now i feel slightly a bit of me is missing..i've tried replacing it with other rings, but it's not working - none of them fit quite right, and they're all different weights and sizes..none of them fit so snugly and was such a pretty ring - it inspired my choice of bedding - look....

it also inspired hannah to get me a tape measure belt fot my birthday..i was getting a whole tape measure theme going..but now that the thing that originated it all is gone, it all feels a bit wierd..meh..the only thing for it is to get another one..but maybe it won't quite be the same? and i'll have to wait ages for it to be made..and it's expensive..but i can't not have it - i miss it too much and it's only been gone a day..le sigh..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

quit ragging on my fade..

in the name of all things hot fuzz go and listen to this ..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

hot fuzztastic..

yesterday was pretty much one of the most exciting days since i've been alive..

..simon pegg, nick frost and edgar wright came to the shop i work in to do an instore signing..yes, that's heard me..simon pegg..nick frost..*and* edgar wright..i got them to sign my 'shaun of the dead' picture that's been on my wall for it is:

look! simon pegg wrote "get off me you bummer" like i asked..and then edgar wright wrote "you've got red on you" without me even good is that?? very, that's how..

but the excitement didn't stop there..oh no..because after the signing i staggered off on shaky legs to a super-special-exciting preview screening of 'hot fuzz' - check it out!

..and it was awesome! you'd all better start preparing youselves now for how awesome it is, otherwise you're just not going to be able to handle it, believe me..oh, and i almost forgot to mention that this preview screening was introduced by simon, nick and edgar, and then followed by a question and answer session with the aforementioned geniuses..woohoo! although, unfortunately, they did confirm that there almost certainly would not be a third series of 'spaced'..which is a bit rubbish..well, quite a lot rubbish, actually..but i think you'll all agree that 'hot fuzz' more than makes up for it..and to tide you all over til its release, here is a lovely picture, taken by ian, of those three lovely gentlemen yesterday afternoon..look - it's really them!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

slip n slide..

since i've been living in this fair city of newcastle, i have noticed that the paving slabs in certain areas of town (grainger street and neville street spring immediately to mind) are particularly slippery after even the slightest bit of first, i thought that my sliding around on them was merely due to the fact that the grip on the soles of my beloved, yet ancient, trainers had been worn down to i got some new ones..and i thought, stupidly, that with my new, extra grippified trainers, i would be safe from the perils of said slippy pavements..alas, not so..this evening, i went out for a few leisurely drinks..and when i say "a few" i mean, not very many at, three..which, as those of you who know me well can vouch, is not very i was pretty much stone cold sober when i ventured down the steps of central station metro, only to for my feet to slip out from under me, and for me to fall, quite heavily, on my behind..i now have a very painful right hip/bum..i'm predicting quite a large bruise in the morning..maybe the size of my face..i'm just so ladylike, you know..