Friday, June 30, 2006


fingers crossed for tomorrow..and no, i don't care if you call me unpatriotic, my loyalties will always lie with mr roddick, as he is the best..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


vic reeves and his wife are on the cover of bible of filth hello! magazine..i never thought i'd see the day, really i didn't..i suppose i should have seen it coming, after that i'm a celebrity debacle..

..dear lord.

Friday, June 23, 2006

forgive me simon, for i have sinned..

last night i dreamt that there was going to be a final episode of spaced..while this may seem like it was shaping up to be the most awesome dream ever, it quickly turned into a nightmare..

for some reason i was playing a key role in this episode (i think i was playing the part of brian, worringly enough), and it was being broadcast live..and i realised about 5 minutes before we started shooting that i hadn't even read the script..arg! so i casually sauntered over to simon pegg (who seemed to have taken on a dual role of actor and director - lord knows where edgar wright was) and asked him if he had a spare copy of the script..then casually sauntered off into a dark corner to try and read it and learn it..and then there was just a panicked sequence of me not even being able to locate my first line, let alone learn the whole (hour long) episode..

i woke up with 5 seconds to go as i was contemplating throwing myself out of the window..and i still feel incredibly guilty for wrecking the final episode of spaced..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

football schmootball..

am starting to panic slightly about how i am going to avoid the football today..parks will be closed at 8pm (or at least soon after), so it's not like i can go and sit somewhere secluded..i think my best bet is to lock myself in my room, doors and windows firmly shut, and plug my headphones in..luckily, i spent last night downloading mp3s of stewart lee (and richard herring) on the radio from here..although i'm not sure if they will be loud enough to sufficiently block out the howls and screams of my football loving family....if only i had my own soundproofed padded cell..

Friday, June 16, 2006

bum bum bum..

after much deliberation, primarily triggered by the realisation that looking at my own blog made me feel nauseous, i have changed it to plain and simple white, instead of garish pink. i know i chose the pink to go with the title of the blog, what with 'pretty in pink' and all that..but if i can't even stand to look at it, then that doesn't bode well for anyone who happens upon this page by chance.

have got some major blisterage on my heels as a result of walking 2 miles in unsuitable shoes to go strawberry was worth it, however, for the juicy strawberries and champagne (although apparently it was i can tell the difference) that were enjoyed in the evening sun afterwards. yum.

then, to continue my evening of culture and good living, went to see macbeth in the park, which was very nice indeed. felt like a little old lady when my flimsy summer dress proved to be no match for the dramatic temperature drop around 9pm and i had to wrap myself up in a blanket.

work tonight, then looking forward to a saturday of lazing around watching the semifinals of Queens tennis tournament - go roddick!

Monday, June 12, 2006

anyone? anyone? anyone?

oh dear god..

am officially melting in this office that thinks it's an oven..

although did just eat an awesome ice lolly called an 'icejet' that helped a's pretty delicious and the stick is a water squirter thing, which i will be aiming surreptitiously at my co-workers at some point in the near future..

in other news, i got some results for my degree today, but, due to the recent lecturers' strike i have to wait another two weeks to get the final module result which will give me my degree classification..that's a long time to wait on the borderline..

oh well..