Tuesday, March 31, 2009


also forgot to post this (probably due to being too distraught)..this aint vegas, who, as many of you know, were one of my all-time favourite bands (number 4 in the top 4, yes yes) split up a few months ago. it's very sad, espceially as they still had some amazing new material left unreleased (check out 'carry you on my shoulders' and 'wallace the lion' on the band's myspace)....
they did, however, leave behind two great albums and a smattering of assome singles for us to enjoy, including this last one:

and they are working on new projects, including b>e>a>k (who finally have a single out), so it's not all doom and gloom..

Monday, March 23, 2009

overdue listing..

it's far too late for this now, i'm aware..but i've been, as you know, (mildly) agonising over the order of this for quite a while - i've now come to the conclusion that there is no order, after the first two..and so, in a shameless copy of axl, here are my albums of 2008..

1. youthmovies - 'good nature'
2. foals - 'antidotes'

and the rest, in no particular order..

mount eerie - 'lost wisdom'
fennesz - 'black sea'
the week that was - 'the week that was'
grouper - 'dragging a dead deer up a hill'
spiritualized - 'songs in a&e'
beck - 'modern guilt'
thao nguyen and the get down stay down - 'we brave bee stings and all'
mogwai - 'the hawk is howling'
belle & sebastian - 'bbc sessions' (yes, that does count)
school of language - 'sea from shore'
mirah - 'the old days feeling'
stereolab - 'chemical chords'
tv on the radio - 'dear science'
young knives - 'superabundance'
stephen malkmus and the jicks - 'real emotional trash'
the breeders - 'mountain battles'
department of eagles - 'in ear park'

..and i've probably forgotten a good few..

Friday, March 13, 2009

unfortunately, i am still quite a lot rubbish..

left my purse in the postgraduate suite again yesterday..no, i couldn't quite believe it either..this time it wasn't quite as long before i realised - only the time it took to walk all the way to the union and attempt to purchase a cup of tea (which the lady then gave me for free, once again restoring my faith in humanity somewhat - i went and paid her back later, which i think did the same for her), and luckily it was still where i left it when i ran back there..i am worried this is becoming a habit..stay tuned for more exciting purse mislaying updates! what a nail-bitingly thrilling life i lead..look, i either write about the mundane events that intersperse my days, like losing my purse, or i write about the stuff i actually do all day, which believe me, is far less entertaining (hard to believe, i know)..for example, today i have taught a seminar, and will now spend the rest of the day preparing another seminar on postmodernism (a concept which makes me want to throw myself off a bridge, by the way..it's so bleak and depressing)..i may throw a trip to morrisons in there, followed by a clean of the bathroom..see? lost purses don't sound so dull now, do they?

but, all may not be lost, as i have visitors coming! yes, han & matt are presently wending their way up north on the megabus..i am very excited, as this may result in some actual experiences..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

i am quite a lot rubbish..

yesterday i lost my purse..when i say 'lost', i mean 'left it by a computer in the postgraduate computer suite in university,' of course..i only realised its absence one hour later, after my seminar, at which point i panicked and ran around the building looking for it..luckily, some kind person had handed it in to the school office, without even sneakily lifting the £5 note i had in there..(thank you whoever you are)..

the whole experience was yet another sign that i seem to be turning into one of those scatty academic types, who can't find their glasses when they're on top of their head, walk into the middle of the road without looking etc..i'm just like them, except without all the knowledge/learning/intelligence/importance..so really, i'm just a regular, quite rubbish person who can't cope with having to keep track of more than 2 things at a time, and if forced to do so, will inevitably shed valuable/essential possessions here there and everywhere..