Wednesday, August 18, 2010

modernist women..

because it is vaguely relevant to my thesis, i am updating this tumblr on modernist women a lot more frequently than i am updating anything else..

have a might like it..

Monday, June 14, 2010

resurfacing briefly..

yes, i've been away a while, but i've been busy writing my thesis and that..and also going to paris again..

it was just as good this time as it was all the other times i've been, you'll be pleased to know (although i did convince myself that they had rearranged montmartre after getting a little disorientated on the first night there)..

i spent most of my time mooching around - i took in some awesome feminist art, looked round many bookshops, ate some delicious meat, enjoyed some jazz, got quite hot and clammy, randomly hung out with ace bands (oh hello, sleigh bells), and accumulated several hours on the never disappoints..

Thursday, January 21, 2010


well, mildred finally gave up the ghost..we were all very sad, but i just don't seem to be able to keep ferns in the manner to which they have so obviously become accustomed (i had another tiny fern called barry, and he died a short while ago as well..)..

bearing this in mind, i decided not to get another fern to replace her..i'm not sure what i ended up getting, but she's very lovely in any case, and i have named her - in what i feel is a rather fitting tribute - maud (those of you who still don't appreciate these references, please see me after class in my office)..

Friday, October 30, 2009

if we have it, they will come..

we're having our annual halloween party tomorrow..always fun, but i can barely contain my excitement this year as my housemates have allowed me to create my very own daisy-steiner-party-room..i've made a glitterball out of tinfoil:

..and i've covered a whole load of other things in tinfoil as well, like this phone:

plus i've made some tinfoil stars, which i think really complete the look:

(more pictures here)

i myself will be dressing up as daisy tomorrow night..i'm a bit worried about the authenticity of my hair, as it's far too long (any suggestions are welcome, except for cutting it off)..and i have also compiled a playlist, consisting primarily of prefab sprout, spandau ballet, huey lewis and the news, and, of course, the 'timewarp'..

..this is going to be the best party ever..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

music for sundays in autumn..

i like sundays, and i like autumn..sundays in autumn are, therefore, one of my favourite things..with that in mind, i have done a playlist in appreciation of all things sunday and autumn..enjoy....


i made a pizza from scratch the other night, using hugh fearnley-whittingstall's recipe in the guardian t'other, i normally trust hugh implicitly, having followed a good few of his delicious recipes in the past to great success (my favourite's probably the spicy bean stew w/ sausages..brilliant in winter)..

..however, my trust was somewhat shaken when the pizza dough recipe he suggested produced nothing more than a sticky, glutinous mess, which was only saved by the arrival of a friend of mark's, who has plenty of pizza making experience and just added a shedload of flour..i probably would have worked it out on my own eventually, but more likely i would have just thrown it in the bin and opted for beans on toast..i shouldn't be too harsh on hugh, though - after all, it wasn't really his dough recipe, just one of his mates'..another saving grace was his guide to making roasted tomato pizza all worked out ok in the end:

the following night i baked my first cookies..oatmeal..and they were freaking sweet:

i did make more than this, but they were so assome that they were almost all gone before i had the chance to record them for posterity..

Friday, August 07, 2009

RIP john hughes..

Monday, August 03, 2009


..found her today in an otherwise uneventful trip to morrisons..

edit: lex told me earlier this evening that he doesn't like the name mildred..well, he can bum off..for one - it's my plant, not his, and for two, i named her mildred after the worst witch herself..i read the books when i was little, but i have to say i preferred the film (but not the later tv series), part one of which is here for your enjoyment (and it looks like you can watch the entire film on's worth it, i promise..tim curry as 'big daddy wiz'):

i love 'the worst witch' so much i dressed up as mildred to my friend's birthday party many moons ago:

..i also realised that i hadn't yet named my ivy plant which i bought a couple of months ago, and she was the only one without a i named her maud, in honour of mildred's best friend in said book/film..take that, lex!